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Services we provide

To participants/employees:

Enrollment and educational meetings:

We will host 1 to 4 enrollment and/or educational meetings for your plan each year. Be on the lookout for when we’ll be there or when we’ve scheduled a web-conference just for you!

Ability to chat and
meet with a CFP:

We are a financial planning company at heart that has built a wonderful retirement platform. We have Certified Financial Professionals (CFP) that can help you when you have questions or need support. Click the chat box below or call us at (877) 54-rebel.

Access to professionally managed model portfolios:

We provide our professionally managed, model portfolios to you, which you are most likely utilizing. These are managed in much the same way as we manage our individual high net worth clients’ accounts and they are specific to your plan. We don’t charge extra for this service and letting us take care of your investments is one of the most important things you can do to ensure optimal long-term performance.

Quarterly Market
Update Videos:

As an addition to our model portfolios, we produce quarterly videos that explain what happened over the quarter, what we did to manage your investments, and reinforce why you are invested the way that you are so you can stay invested and actually realize the great long-term investment returns that allude most investors.

Discounted financial planning services:

Again, financial planning is our specialty and we have streamlined our processes and technology so we can provide great financial planning services at lower prices to help more people. Even so, we will further discount your planning fees with us by 50% of the fee your 401k account generated within the plan the last year.

Fee-only & a

We are only paid by you and your employer and we don’t take any commissions or kick-backs from any 3rd parties so that you know we work for you! Additionally, we are always a fiduciary, which means that we have to look out for your interests 1st.

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rebel Financial is a Registered Investment Advisor that provides retirement planning, estate planning, financial planning, and investment management services to individual and institutional clients. To get a more detailed description of the company, its management, and practices, view our (form ADV, Part2A) and Disclosures.
Fiduciary & Fee-Only Financial Advisors and Planners

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